How to choose the best headlamp 2018?

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How to choose the best headlamp 2018?

Choosing outdoor headlamp is a technical activity. Need to consider what battery, what brightness, what color and so on. As long as we understand our use and understand the basic performance of the headlamp, we can choose the headlamp that suits us.
Before choosing a headlamp, let's first understand some of the basic features of the headlamp:
Generally, the brightness of the headlamp is marked in lumens. Lumens are the sum of light from a point source in all directions. But lumens can only tell us the extent of total light output, but it does not clearly reflect the quality of a headlamp. Two headlights of almost the same lumens, because of the different beam widths, the optical quality of the lens system is different, can have completely different lighting effects. Therefore, when we choose the headlamp, we can't blindly pursue brightness and lumens. But the higher the lumen, the better the other indicators will be.
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2. Battery life
Battery life is a very important consideration and performance indicator when comparing headlamp. The longer the battery life, the more expensive the headlamp will be. The problem is that many manufacturers in the market use the "end of life" time they have invented to define the headlamp lifetime; only the data strictly in accordance with the American ANSI flashlight standard is scientifically accurate, so this reminds us when buying the headlights. Choose a brand that has some popularity.
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It is inevitable to encounter rainy days in outdoor camping, hiking or other night activities, so the headlamp must be waterproof, otherwise it will cause the short circuit of the circuit to cause extinction or flashing and dimming, which will bring great security in the dark. Hidden dangers. When buying a headlamp, the merchant will mark the product packaging with a waterproof rating, and must have basic waterproof performance above IXP3.
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4.Resistance to fall
A good performance headlamp must have resistance to impact (impact resistance), and the common anti-drop height is 1 meter, 1.5 meters and 2 meters. It is best to use a headlight with better anti-drop performance. In the outdoor activities, it is inevitable that there will be bumps. If the headlamp is not illuminated due to slight bumps, this may be terrible in the dark. thing.
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5.The comfort of the headlamp
The weight and tightness of the headlamp determine the user experience, and a comfortable headlamp will give you a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The weight of a single battery is not very obvious, but a lithium battery with more than 2 knots will have a heavy pressure on the head for a long time, which is very uncomfortable, so try to choose a single section or an external battery pack.

The select headlamp according to usage:
1. Leisure activities such as camping and hiking
For recreational activities such as camping and hiking, there is no need for the high-power headlamp. The general brightness is about 150 lumens. The characteristics of these headlamps are generally AAA or AA batteries. The volume is lighter and lighter, the price is more approachable, and the use is Convenient, it is the best choice for junior outdoor friends.

2.Special outdoor sports such as climbing caves
For difficult sports such as climbing caves, high-power, high-brightness headlights are generally required, and higher requirements are placed on the waterproofness and reliability of the headlamp. The balance between power saving and long range is a priority.

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