1、If  flashlight have function issues,such as,can't light up,blinking,how to deal with?

Answer:Normal have below case to trouble shooting

A:Check if tight rotated the connect parts.

B:Check if have dust or dirty on PCB or screw thread,or connect end.

C:Check if have loose parts.

D:Check if in low power staus.

You can clean the screw thread,PCB,tail cap connect end by ethyl alcohol firstly,change to use new battery,tightly screw up head,body,tail cap to test if work.if still not work,contact our

2、 The Flashlight become hot,it is normal status?

Answer:Yes,it is normal,higher brightness depend on high power to drive,the LED will release much hot when high power drive,it is normal case.Because when continue work, the heat will come out from heat sinking system and diffuse to whole body,especially the head will more hot.Middle or Low brightness mode already satisfy daily use.

3、How to choose the alkaline and Ni-Mh battery?If the AAA or AA alkaline battery runtime will shorter than Ni-Mh Batttery?

Answer:Yes,it is normal.Because the alkaline battery with big resistant run more fast,specially when light up max brightness mode require super high,the battery inside will have short status ,but when turn to middle or low mode,the runtime will be longer than Ni-Mh battery,you can choose the battery base on your flashlight performance.

4、How is the waterproof of Nicron product?

Answer:Most of Nicron product is IP65 or IP68,please refer to manu of package.

5、If the innovation Li-ion battery white micro-USB to be safe enough?

Answer:The technical come out 5 year,current this innovation quality and safe system already control very well and many good qulity flashlight Brand already start to use this kind of rechargeable,this way much easy to charge the battery any where ,any time.

6、Warranty Terms

A:15-day replacement:Nicron will replace identical or equal product with documented manufacturing defects with 15days of purchase.

B:2-year free repair:Nicron will repair a light free of charge within 2 years.(battery:6 month)